Tiến Bảo Uniforms


Tiến Bảo Uniforms was established in 2013 and has progressively developed over 9 years under the leadership and guidance of its founder, Nguyen Van Tien. Mr. Tien has received comprehensive training in Business and Garment Manufacturing in Ho Chi Minh City. As the founder and key figure behind Tiến Bảo Uniforms, Nguyen Van Tien holds a degree in Fashion Design from Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry and a degree in Business Administration from Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. The company has achieved remarkable growth each year, establishing and affirming the Tiến Bảo Uniforms brand in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide. The professional background of the company's leader has played a pivotal role in this success. Tiến Bảo Uniforms prioritizes providing the best customer experience in the field of uniform manufacturing and tailoring. With a synchronized 8-step process for employees at the production workshop, every team member understands the company's mission and core cultural values. This ensures a harmonious interaction among team members and with customers, aiming to deliver convenience, time and cost savings, as well as high-quality, reputable uniforms. These principles have contributed to building the brand of Tiến Bảo Uniforms.