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Export Mama

Export Mama is based in both Ho Chi Minh City and San Francisco. We help your supply chain reap the benefits of Vietnam by focusing on improving lead time, quality control, and margin.

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Vietnam is the Place To Be


Vietnamese labor costs are approximately 50% less than in China, so labor intensive goods like garments and furniture are cheap.

Shipping Container

Many combinations of goods and destination countries can offer little to no export tariffs, particularly for the US and the EU.

Join Industry Leaders in Vietnam


50% of all Nike shoes are made in Vietnam, and they have plans to increase production in the country. Read More


In 2021, Intel invested $475M into a Vietnam factory for which they had previously invested over $1B. Read More


Lego invested over US $1 billion into a factory 50km from Ho Chi Minh City. It's opening in 2024. Read More


Vietnam is the largest manufacturer of Adidas, with 76 factories providing 200,000 workers. Read More

Our Process


Step 1

Spec Analysis

We work with you to create a plan on how to best modify your supply chain


Step 2

We Get You 3-5 Quotes

Always reject the first offer. And maybe the second. By the third we should probably accept.


Step 3

Samples Created And Sent to You

Goes without saying, but you should always get to see a sample before signing a contract.


Step 4

Production Oversight

We have team members in Vietnam that can resolve any issues within 24 hours.


Step 5


If you need it, we have logistics partners that can get you discounted rates.

Ben Ha

Founder & CEO of Export Mama

Export Mama was founded by Ben, a Vietnamese-American looking to help his home country grow. His grandfather owned a factory in Ho Chi Minh City, so he is deeply familiar with the untapped potential of the country.

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