Nghia Furniture


Wooden furniture products produced include many types from natural wood to industrial wood with famous wood lines such as walnut wood imported from Southern California USA, oak wood, ASH wood imported from the Northern region. American, rubber wood... combined with Simili materials imported from Malaysia to complete a variety of products such as: Dining tables, dining chairs, sofas, tea tables, coffee table legs, table tops... Nghia Furniture always believes that each piece of furniture is not only an item that creates comfort for the project, but more importantly, it is the sophisticated lines of wood with delicate aesthetics that reflect elegance and personality. user's. That's why Nghia family always focuses on production processes and puts them first. In addition to providing Nghia furniture to customers in Vietnam, it is also very popular in foreign markets. Although the standards for quality of goods when exported are quite strict, Nghia Furniture always meets them all. In addition, Nghia Furniture always has reasonable product policies and prices for agents and architects. Production time of goods is always arranged to be reduced to a minimum to serve all customers.