BMD Furniture


BMD MANUFACTURING JSC was established in 2008 on the basis of acquiring the entire Bradon Miles Design company, a famous brand of furniture production for the US and European markets. Managed by designer ARTHUR LEE KEE YOUNG from the United States of America - who is known in the furniture business world as a leading expert in the field of directional design for the American furniture market. world. BMD Furniture is always proud to have a team of experienced and creative engineers, architects, experts, and employees in the fields of design, production, construction, and interior decoration. With a sustainable development strategy, BMD Furniture has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign investors. Our team has successfully built BMD Furniture, strong in the field of furniture, meeting the needs of design, construction and decoration for interior works, projects such as: urban areas and complexes. luxury apartment complexes, luxury hotels, resorts, offices and villas, villas, apartments and many other domestic and international projects. Continuously research and create trends ahead of the market, creating products that meet high standards. Realizing the potential and demand of the domestic furniture market, BMD Furniture invested in a factory of more than 6,000 m2 with machinery, equipment, and production lines imported from Italy worth tens of billions of dong, completely capable of can meet all the most stringent standards of domestic and foreign markets.